drip feed youtube comments: Become a topic of conversation

A lively discussion on the respective topic arises from the videos of successful YouTube channels. This not only serves the exchange of the community, but also has a positive effect on the presence and visibility of the content. But not every channel succeeds in starting this exchange.

Especially in the early days, hardly any comment testified to the interest of other users in the video. Buying drip feed youtube comments is therefore a legitimate way to stimulate this exchange, which is reflected in the long term in a larger number of subscribers and stronger clicks.

Characteristic of a lively community

It is no coincidence that subscribers in many lines of business concentrate on just a few channels. It is the collective intelligence that makes it seem more attractive to join a large following than to support smaller channels. An essential characteristic of an intact following remains the number of opinions below a video. If a channel were to buy YouTube comments, it could make its audience appear larger in front of new viewers and encourage them to voice their opinions themselves.

According to the principle of collective intelligence, this YouTube marketing offers the opportunity to attract new users more easily and to integrate them into the community. Because while a barely noticed video with a handful of comments is viewed directly in a particularly critical light, this impression is improved by the opinions acquired. In the end, a positive cycle is set in motion that binds new viewers to the channel, who in turn are beneficial to their careers.

Argument of the algorithm

The collective intelligence makes it possible, on the one hand, to improve the perception of the channel by other users by using comments. If you want to buy German YouTube comments, you also have the option of pulling the algorithm onto your own page. This determines the visibility of a video on the page and is largely based on the number of interactions among the individual video. Obviously, if a channel’s productions encourage viewers to comment and like a lot, the prospects in the ranking are better.

YouTube marketing not only gives the video greater visibility when a user searches for it. The algorithm also gives the clip a place in the recommendations. This will see the video from users who are already interested in similar topics. So the chance is particularly great that they will like the canal and become supporters through the seemingly accidental discovery.

However, many users who want to use YouTube for digital marketing already fail on the way to the top. In spite of regular videos, in which every detail is emphasized, viewers still seem to stay away. Who would buy YouTube comments could provide the decisive impetus for the upswing on the page. Since increasing the range there is always an exponential development, even a small initial investment can lead to significant successes that can also be maintained in the long term.

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